“Sustainably empowering people to benefit from their talents and creativity.”

Ahla Fawda thrives on providing education, arts, skills & crafts to the communities in Lebanon. We believe in promoting local talents, supporting students & empowering the recipients to benefit from their talents and creativity.

  1. Support of small businesses through “Ahla Souk” (an initiative aimed at creating an economically sustainable culture for communities).
  2. Festivals to fundraise, promote local talents, and involve the community in fun and collective activities.
Hallo 2014
Halloween, 2014
Covid Music Concerts at Hospitals, 2020
UNRWA, 2017
Eat Play Laugh Festival, 2016
toot toot
Toot, Toot, Beirut Festival, 2017
hallo 2013
Halloween, 2013
LeBam Aley 2017
LeBAM, 2017
hallo 2015
Halloween, 2015
ALEY-Z Let's Go Festival, 2017
hallo 2017
Halloween, 2017
Hamra talent
Hamra Got Talent Festival, 2014
halloween 2016
Halloween, 2016
Halloween, 2018
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