About Us

Ahla Fawda is an NGO created in 2014, in Beirut Lebanon, registration number 690, that addresses all aspects of community welfare; humanitarian, cultural and environmental, and aims to provide a support framework for communities in need. What started as an NGO in beautifying community space, creating street events and festivals, distributing food items and clothes, has grown mainly into a platform for humanitarian services. Since the Beirut Port Explosion, and the drastic decline of Lebanon, our Humanitarian relief work has increased tenfold. From rebuilding and fixing homes, feeding and providing the bare necessities to the suffering community, providing medical support to fight the COVID19 pandemic, and assisting in all the unfortunate and tragic circumstances that are occurring in Lebanon.

Our vision is to respond to the needs of the community, approaching them as partners and creating an incentive to be productive, while adding joy in our creative projects.

Ahla Fawda’s objective is to support people in need through responsible, sustainable and eco-friendly projects and initiatives. To work towards positively engaging our beneficiaries in reducing negative environmental impact. To raise awareness and spread joy.

We continue to abide by our mission, “to stand with those affected by hardship, providing essential support, empowering talents, and instilling positive change.”


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Ahla Fawda  3rd/6th Floor
Youssef Assaf Building
180 Hamra Street
Ras Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon