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Other Humanitarian Programs

Our humanitarian projects accept donations that help low income communities in Lebanon with food, clothing, shoes and literacy. We facilitate “from People to People” donations. That means we do calls for clothing, shoes, food and educational items and give them directly to people that are in need of those resources in Lebanon.  

August 4 2020 - Explosion Relief

Volunteers, funding and partners helped Ahla Fawda with Clean-up, damage assessment,  repairs, food, clothing and furniture donations

Covid Crisis Spring 2020

Food  boxes were distributed throughout the Chouf, Metn, Beka and the North

Christmas 2019

Ramadan 2019

Akkar 2018

Akkar 2017

Bekaa 2017

Nahral Berad 2017

Saida 2017

Akkar 2015 #1

Akkar 2015 #2