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One of the things we are so proud of is the birth of Hamra Bella, an extension of Ahla Fawda and the distribution center where all basic needs to be distributed are being held.  We take pride in our amazing team that is heading Hamra Bella; their devotion, dedication, hard work, and loving hearts. 

 Every Wednesday and Friday, Hamra Bella opens its doors to those that have registered for food parcels through Ahla Fawda. The wonderful team will then take them in hand around the center, giving them the time and space to choose from clothes, shoes, toys, books, and home necessities.  Hamra Bella holds many items (mostly clothing) donated by amazing people, for which we are all grateful.  Hamra Bella is dedicated to supporting and providing for those in need, The donations are a blessing that allows the team to not only pass on what’s needed, but share their smiles and cares as well.