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Hello Ahla Fawda followers, supporters, friends, peers, and anyone and everyone.  As we go along the journey towards a better Lebanon, we want you to tag along every step of the way.  We want to share our joy of giving, our love for working and volunteering, the sheer excitement of receiving and giving donations, the help and support of our loved ones, and the smiles from those we are able to help.  

Ahla Fawda’s stories are worth telling, and this is exactly what this newsletter will serve as. Stories of how we started, stories of our team and stories of who we have helped change for the better.  You will experience a little bit of hope as you read the words, and you’ll learn how you can help.  After all, we cannot do what we do without you. 

For those who are just joining us, here is a history rundown.  Ahla Fawda is an NGO, created in 2014 in the heart of Lebanon, Beirut. Its goal started and remains in supporting, providing, assisting and sustaining the basic necessities of our community.  We are an impartial, neutral and independent organization with a humanitarian mission.  Ahla Fawda addresses all aspects of community welfare; humanitarian, cultural and environmental, and aims to provide a support framework for communities in need. 

Ahla Fawda started with creating festivals, mainly in Hamra Street, to encourage small businesses and gather communities together.  Any collected funds from the festivals were used to buy basic needs to supply for underprivileged communities, and distributed to those in need.  Ahla Fawda continued these events until the revolution of October 17 began.  This is where our role began changing, the demands began increasing, and our Humanitarian efforts and motivation became our priority. 

In the last two years, Lebanon has endured several wildfires, an ongoing global pandemic, an economic crash, unimaginable increase in poverty levels, and most recently, the August 4th Port of Beirut explosion (3rd strongest in world history), that shook the entire country to its core.  A surge in the Corona Virus outbreaks and deaths have magnified these challenges even more and Lebanon is reeling under the country’s compounded political, economic, and health crisis. We are struggling for fuel, medical supplies, hospital care, unbelievable increase in poverty level, and basic needs.  Lebanon needs us, and you, now more than ever.

Our Humanitarian role took over.  And here is where we stand.  

And that’s just the beginning.  Please follow us on Instagram @ahlafawda and look back at what we have done.  Because this newsletter will begin from today and onwards.