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About us

Who we are


Ahla Fawda is a Lebanese based non-profit organization focused on community development. Our mission is to bring joy to the local communities and improve their immediate environments in a cultural and artistic manner, whilst maintaining an overall “green” ethos” – a prime objective. We also provide humanitarian assistance to poverty stricken communities across Lebanon.


Our humanitarian projects accept donations that help low income communities with food, clothing, shoes and literacy. Proceeds from festivals and events  benefit our beautification and humanitarian projects.

Our Goals

*Providing clothes and food to people in need
*Build community through cultural activities
*Improve outdoor spaces by creating public artwork and encouraging people to love and appreciate the environment
*Promoting educational and culture initiatives

What we've done so far

  • 20+ festivals & events
  • 10+ clothing, food and education human rights initiatives
  • 2000+ food parcels delivered in Lebanon to people in need
  • The launch of a social awareness campaign to heighten peoples’ awareness of pedestrian passages.
  • The implementation of low curb crossings across Hamra, giving access to wheel chairs and baby strollers.
  • Embellishing urban areas with murals  and revamping of 150+ street kiosks.
  • Green initiatives to plant more gardens and trees.

Our History

Founded by a group of parents in 2012, Ahla Fawda is headed by Imane Assaf with a core group of volunteers that are dedicated to helping people in need and creating joy in communities.

Our Partners

Its wonderful working with our partners:  Hamra Traders Association, Lebanese Red Cross, Lebanese Civil Defense, Auto Khaled, Mission Joy, Dent de Lait, FARD, Rebuild Lebanon, Nusaned