Ahla Fawda is a volunteer-based NGO that supports the different communities in Lebanon through a variety of activities from humanitarian efforts to environmentally friendly projects and spreading joy through cultural events. Responding quickly to the various crises in the country, Ahla Fawda continues to address basic needs and improve living conditions in collaboration with partner NGOs, associations and local businesses. Projects have included activities such as food and clothing distribution, recycling and litter removal, the Aug 4 explosion clean up and repair, addressing medical needs, promoting local artists and artisans, organizing creative public events for children and adults as well as improving communal spaces around Lebanon with murals and greenery.


In 2012, Ahla Fawda translated as “Beautiful Chaos” was started by a group of parents that wanted to provide free events for children. This quickly broadened out to beautifying and improving the community as well as creating festivals to showcase local artists, help small businesses and make people smile. Today, Ahla Fawda is a registered NGO led by co-founder Imane Assaf and a core group of volunteers and staff who have organized projects all over Lebanon. With a history of working organically using a grassroots style approach, Ahla Fawda responds to the needs of people and creates joy in its creative projects.

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